Clipper Yachts Struggles at World Yacht Race

The Dare to Lead Yacht has crossed the finishing line ahead of Fremantle and because of that, the team could claim the seventh position in the 4th race of Round the World Yacht Race Clipper 19-20. The team also confirmed victory in the min-match race. It was tough to know who will be the ultimate winner because of the increasing rage with Seattle, its nearest challenger Yacht. It is known that Seattle is yet to arrive.

Guy Waites is the skipper for the Dare to Lead Yacht. He said that they had extended over the rivals of the match race, CV22 Seattle by almost 70nm, during the last schedule. On the other hand, David Hartshorn is the Seattle Skipper. He said that the entire team is very proud of the achievements that they have received. They have crossed a place that is considered as one of the remotest all over the world. Read More

Winners at Princess Sofia Regatta 2019

The Princess Sofia regatta 2019 was completed over the first weekend of April 2019. Among the winners, Andy Maloney won a major title here representing New Zealand in the medal class race. The sailors of this country claimed three prizes in total. This regatta was held in Palma, Spain and for Andy Maloney; this was the first win in Finn category. Josh Junior finished third whereas Molly Meech and Alex Maloney were able to collect silvers in the 49erFX category. This was their second victory this year, the previous one being at the World Cup series that was held in Miami in February.

With New Zealand claiming three medals they finished along with the United States as a second nation from the top, below Great Britain who obtained eight medals in total. Andy Maloney was competing against Giles Scott in the medal race for double points. He needed to finish two paces behind this Olympic world champion and that is how the results turned out. Maloney stated that he is being able to keep to the objectives was what his goal had been and he was happy to have achieved that.
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Spina Received The Award For Coach Of The Year

The Olympic Committee of the United States made an announcement recently regarding the recipients of the annual award for the year 2018 three coaches. In the announcement, Leandro Spina from sailing got the recognition as the Developmental Coach of the Year. On the other hand Mary Hodge from Para power lifting named as the Coach of the Year Volunteer category. Ingmar Jungnickel who is from the speed-skating sport got the award Doc Councilman Science.

After the ceremony, USOC chief, Alan Ashley said “To me, this is kind of privilege to show respect and honor to these coaches who work tirelessly in their field to bring out the best talent. The dedication and determination of these coached to help athletes from all over the world to achieve the excellence is a motivation and inspiration for all of us.”
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Laser North Americans Championship Is Now Coming To California

From 26 nations, over 160 Laser sailors are anticipated to take part in the 2018 Laser North American Championship starting on July 12. The championship will conclude on 15 of July in Long Beach, CA. Additionally the Laser Standard; Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial titles by vying to qualify for the Pan American Games 2019 will take place during July in Lima, Peru.

“Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) has a long history of hosting international regattas, with this championship, they bring the world’s best sailors to the Long Beach,” explained Mark Townsend, the Principal Race Officer of USA, IRO. “Last time ABYC hosted the Laser North American Championship in the year 2014. With the sailing competition Olympic Games due to be contested at the same place and in the same waters in 2028, therefore, this year we are expecting that even more of the top sailors from the world will be heading to Long Beach over the next 10 years.”
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Varying Wind Conditions In Malta

The 38th Rolex Middle sea race had been on last weekend and it was organized by Royal Malta Yacht Club. The fleet that took part in the race comprised of 110 boats that were from different countries. The race started on Saturday, 21st Oct 2017. It was expected that the fleet will face light winds as the race began and there was a northwesterly wind that expected to affect the fleet by the third day.


The fleet would continue to sail into the next week when the weather forecast stated that there would be an easterly breeze of moderate proportions. While the fleet enjoyed light winds through the weekend, by the time Monday arrived strong winds are forecasted and will affect the race course for about 48 hours.

Among the different teams participating in this race are fourteen teams from a single country, Russia. Many were already at the race destination since before, getting acclimatized to the waters and ensuring that the boat’s provisions were procured in time for the race. The race course would have differing geographies and wind conditions, especially around the volcanic region. Many are already experienced sailors who have sailed the race course before such as Ross Applebey. He states that he had raced Scarlet Oyster in the year 2014 in this race course. At that time there had been full blown gale that caused the rudder of the boat to snap and they had to retire from participating in the race. Mistral or the northwesterly wind in this region usually rises from the Rhone valley. Once the weather settles the Alps region bring about a change of winds where the cool winds drive out in high speed when they reach the warm waters of the sea. All such conditions need to be understood and prepared for by the sailors.