Winners at Princess Sofia Regatta 2019

The Princess Sofia regatta 2019 was completed over the first weekend of April 2019. Among the winners, Andy Maloney won a major title here representing New Zealand in the medal class race. The sailors of this country claimed three prizes in total. This regatta was held in Palma, Spain and for Andy Maloney; this was the first win in Finn category. Josh Junior finished third whereas Molly Meech and Alex Maloney were able to collect silvers in the 49erFX category. This was their second victory this year, the previous one being at the World Cup series that was held in Miami in February.

With New Zealand claiming three medals they finished along with the United States as a second nation from the top, below Great Britain who obtained eight medals in total. Andy Maloney was competing against Giles Scott in the medal race for double points. He needed to finish two paces behind this Olympic world champion and that is how the results turned out. Maloney stated that he is being able to keep to the objectives was what his goal had been and he was happy to have achieved that.

The 470 category was a strong division in this regatta and the Swedish duo was able to achieve victory in this division. It was the opening events that saw the veterans of 470 classes, Bergstrom and Dahlberg of Sweden, win the medal race of ten boats. They won with a comfortable cushion of 25 points and are also the current champions in the European scene. Their victory definitely made a strong statement among national selectors and would impact their selection in the key event of Olympics test coming up later in the summer months.

In the laser category, the US sailors excelled such as Chris Barnard from Newport Beach, Pedro Pascal of West Palm Beach and Erika Reineke from Fort Lauderdale.