Clipper Yachts Struggles at World Yacht Race

The Dare to Lead Yacht has crossed the finishing line ahead of Fremantle and because of that, the team could claim the seventh position in the 4th race of Round the World Yacht Race Clipper 19-20. The team also confirmed victory in the min-match race. It was tough to know who will be the ultimate winner because of the increasing rage with Seattle, its nearest challenger Yacht. It is known that Seattle is yet to arrive.

Guy Waites is the skipper for the Dare to Lead Yacht. He said that they had extended over the rivals of the match race, CV22 Seattle by almost 70nm, during the last schedule. On the other hand, David Hartshorn is the Seattle Skipper. He said that the entire team is very proud of the achievements that they have received. They have crossed a place that is considered as one of the remotest all over the world.

The team has also experienced F9 gusted winds that were higher than nine-meter waves and have logged in 5200 nautical miles in excess. Many of these are things that no yachtman or even women will get to see in their life. On the other side of the fleet, it can be seen that Punta Del Este, UNICEF, and Visit Sanya of China have started their race late and they have taken a break because of the bad weather which they have been experiencing for quite some days.

Seumas Kellock is the skipper of Visit Sanya. He said that they are just going to break the mark of crossing 2000 miles for finishing a part of the whole fleet. It may seem a long way for them but if they are dedicated to crossing the next 2000 miles as fast as they did the first one, then they can surely be a potential winner of the race.