Fun Sailing With Hamburg Segel Club

With a fun format introduced many sailing organizations are finding novel ways to increase participation. Indeed, sailing is a recreational sport. It cannot get too serious or else the base on which the sport develops might be lost.

There are many organizations such as a Hamburg based German club that is introducing changes in sail racing in order to keep the fun element up. This club was established by Gunter Ahlers in 1990. The Hamburger Segel Club with 750 members has had a format introduced in it which has been inspired by Australian sailing. Read More

East Coast Regatta Week

The east coast regatta week is coming on and the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club that is Bridlington based is looking forward to the same. The racing calendar of the club for the year had three months of activities all laid out for the club, but these were deterred due to cold downpours as well as high winds that disrupted the sailing schedule.

As the past weeks have led to warmer weather the visitors and members of the club can look forward to the annual regatta event, 159th which would be a week of racing and the bay area is ideal for the same, being the east coast in totality. Read More

Marshall is the champion at J/22 Midwinter

Today at the /22 Midwinter Championship, when the winds piped up to 16 to 24 knots, Mike Marshall’s Bad News rose to the top of the twenty-six boat fleet to get the title. With crew Matt Schubert and Mike Nicoletti, the Newport, RI-based helmsman got the win with a 2,1,2 in Sunday’s blusterous 3 races to total twenty net points.

Of the 3 yachts within 1 point of 1st place going into today, Marshall not one of them but the team showed in the conditions in spite of being about seventy pounds under Class crew weight limit. Terry Flynn’s Tejas got the 2nd spot with twenty-two points, and Jeff Todd’s Hot Toddy took 3rd with twenty-four. Read More

Plans afoot for the GC32 Racing Tour

After a great and successful launch of the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour last month at the Marseille One Design, the organizers of the circuit have been looking ahead of the coming year. Now they can say that a minimum of 6 squads would be taking part, with more because to sign up to the foiling vessel one design circuit in the months of winter.

With a season starting from May till the middle of October, the GC32 Racing Tour 2016 will exclusively take place at the southern Europe places which offer optimum wind burst in order for ultra-high speed vessels to spend as the maximum time foiling. The next year will be a year of ‘Sun, speed and spectacle’, with teams able to bid a VIP experience to their invitees in the most beautiful places.

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