East Coast Regatta Week

The east coast regatta week is coming on and the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club that is Bridlington based is looking forward to the same. The racing calendar of the club for the year had three months of activities all laid out for the club, but these were deterred due to cold downpours as well as high winds that disrupted the sailing schedule.

As the past weeks have led to warmer weather the visitors and members of the club can look forward to the annual regatta event, 159th which would be a week of racing and the bay area is ideal for the same, being the east coast in totality.

The program, backed by the likes of Plainsailing Yacht website, is a weeklong starts off on Saturday and the Fleet review would be done by the town mayor. He is one of the principal officers of the club; it seems prudent that he inaugurates the race. There would be cadet races as well as ladies races for the event as well. There would be class racing at competitive levels. The total number of races that would be held is 12 which would last a week. There would be yachts of fixed keel variety of four classes that would set courses in the bay area.

The committee boat would be anchored and act as the starting point. There would be Cruiser classes that would compete on the final day of the race. The race would be a coastal one. Boats would be taken around the Flamborough area and brought back.

The boats would be followed by five minute intervals with the Yorkshire One Design. This is a special category of day boat that is designed to race from this town way back in 1898. There would be social events held in the evenings of the Regatta week to give the sailors respite.