Plans afoot for the GC32 Racing Tour

After a great and successful launch of the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour last month at the Marseille One Design, the organizers of the circuit have been looking ahead of the coming year. Now they can say that a minimum of 6 squads would be taking part, with more because to sign up to the foiling vessel one design circuit in the months of winter.

With a season starting from May till the middle of October, the GC32 Racing Tour 2016 will exclusively take place at the southern Europe places which offer optimum wind burst in order for ultra-high speed vessels to spend as the maximum time foiling. The next year will be a year of ‘Sun, speed and spectacle’, with teams able to bid a VIP experience to their invitees in the most beautiful places.


GC32 Racing Tour’s new manager Christian Scherrer told PlainSailing that one could not just predict this far out what the weather would do, but the target is to increase the scopes of the vessels racing in 10-plus knot conditions most of the time.

He added that it is more than enough to get the GC32s not just foiling comfortably, but sailing at over twice wind speed. Their aim is to offer the teams with the best possible sailing experience and with this format they maximize their time increase and afloat the enjoyment of the foiling-racing experience. Like earlier seasons of the GC32, the target is to remain with 4 day long events, with modern America’s Cup-style race courses.