Fun Sailing With Hamburg Segel Club

With a fun format introduced many sailing organizations are finding novel ways to increase participation. Indeed, sailing is a recreational sport. It cannot get too serious or else the base on which the sport develops might be lost.

There are many organizations such as a Hamburg based German club that is introducing changes in sail racing in order to keep the fun element up. This club was established by Gunter Ahlers in 1990. The Hamburger Segel Club with 750 members has had a format introduced in it which has been inspired by Australian sailing.

There is a race installed every Wednesday night. Known as Kanguruh, it is a fun sailing race that has been gaining in popularity, especially since it won the backing of a company offering cheap Bareboat Charter in Dubrovnik. The club recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and there were about a hundred boats that raced out in Lake Alster at night, located in the heart of Hamburg town. The format of this sailing race is not difficult to understand. It is based on yardstick and handicap is not the main measure as it is in most sailing races.

Indeed, the format of sailing here is the opposite. The starting time for each boat differs as per course length and wind forecast. The slow boats get to move first. Hence, the Catboat named Seezunge started off first which is really slow after which the 505s and the J70s caught up along with a Flying Dutchman. There were no catamarans allowed as these boats are too fast. This week there were a lot of 96 boats that participated and it is estimated that there would be a total of 300 boats that would participate in the entire season.

This kind of sailing definitely moves away from the popular formats of sailing that is pursued by most sailing clubs these days. It helps people to move away from the race and enjoy the journey.