Sailing Personalities Assembled In Malta

The ninth Yacht Racing Forum concluded amid great euphoria.

It was attended by Who’s who of the sailing industry. The event took place at Valletta the Maltese, Mediterranean. The event was hosted by Yachting Malta in association with Yachting Events at hotel Grand Excelsior.

The ninth forum was successful and has more participants than last year. The forum had over 270 attendees coming from all corners of the World. Among the 270 attendees, many were the who’s who of sailing industry from sailors to trainees. The forum is growing its strength every single passing year and attracting more and more sponsors and participants. The latest one joining the forum is Zhic, OC sports, Star Sailor League. Both have joined the brand like World Sailing, Clipper Ventures, World Match Racing Tour and Volvo Ocean Race. The list has more names to add on in coming days.

On the occasion Schopfer said “The endorsement and support we achieve a form (IYRC) International Yacht Racing Community is extraordinary and immense. We are growing every year. Presence of European is more in the forum, but the participation of the United States, Asia, New Zealand and Australia has also increased.”

“Association of forum with Yachting and Yacht Racing Malta is good. It is good for both forum as well as a club. They wanted to showcase themselves to the world and forum wanted to hold event at similar place. Thus, it sets a perfect match.”

He further added that “Everybody is asking this question what is the purpose of the forum and to answer them there are two examples to site, first we raised voice for sustained development of sport worldwide which now everybody is talking about. Second, we raised the concern for risk management in sailing which was not raised by anybody before anywhere in the world, though it is an important aspect of sailing sport”.