Rob Gough Wins SB20 Series

The yachtsman of HOBART proved that he is one of the most skilled and dynamic sailors of Tasmania.

Rob Gough won the challenging SB20 one design sport boat class. It was the Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta on Banjo. Gough achieved 3rd place last month and also achieved victory in the Masters division on the River Derwent of the Australian Moth championship. Well, the sailor already has the title of World’s Master and he is quite popular for his sailing talent.

Gough steered the SB 20 this weekend. The crew members of the boat were Laula Grafton, Jules Salter and Stewart Gray. There are 6 distinct boats which achieved all the 6 races and Difficult Woman finished first with 21.5 points. Nick Rogers, the classy veteran in Karabos achieved 2nd position with 1 net 24 points and won the race. The talented sailor Elliott Noye did win the final race to take 3rd position overall with a total of 28 points.

All races were decided to split of seconds. Other winners of the race were Team Musto, Ambition Sailing, and 2Unlimited. As far as the keelboat division is concerned, the 8 boat racing division showed tough competition between IRC victory and Division1PHS

The IRC victory and Division 1PHS went to the vice commodore of Bellerive Yacht Club. The Cruising division noticed one of the largest fleets with Mike Denney, the Derwent Sailing Squadron and Michelle Winning Division 1 PHS as well as AMS categories with Z39, Wild West. In addition, there were other winners in the category which included Hydrotherapy in Cruising Division 3, Andrew Jones Shrinkedge, and Cirrus in Cruising Division. As far as the off the beach divisions are concerned, the member of Sandy Sailing Club, Oscar O’Donoghue was seen as a future champion. He won all 6 races of Optimist dinghy division. He played brilliantly and won many hearts during the race.