25 thoughts on “Yachting Monthly’s Discovery 57 test

  1. What happened to the audio right at the moment of the test sail? Kind of a
    shame, since that’s the part that I was waiting for.

  2. shame the master cabin’s shower cubicle should be so poky – the guy could
    barely turn around. 

  3. Sad that the person who can afford this boat will probably have little time
    to use it for what it was designed for. Meanwhile what live-aboard cruiser
    wouldn’t love to call this their permanent home? 

  4. Nice ridiculously overpriced lemon
    Had to be a pommie boat
    Learn from the French you poms

  5. This guy is the best presenter. After watching his videos you really have
    an idea of the boat is like. Altho with his accent for a non-english
    sometimes I need to rewind sometime to be sure I understood :)

  6. why is this boat so expensive? you can buy a beneteau sense 55 for waaay
    less… and its only a tad bit smaller…

  7. Very nice boat but way too expensive for a 57 footer. I would go for the
    AMEL 55 with the same equipment and save 300K at least.

  8. Very nice finish on this Discovery, I only see 2 problems with the boat 1st
    the helmsman is left out in the cold during a rain storm or just a cold
    night? 2nd problem is it’s a mono hull, why spend most of your sailing
    heeled over, unless you have one leg shorter than the other buy a Catamaran
    for more space per foot and a level ride. Comes in handy when paying for
    moorage fees. A 44 or 45 ft. Catamaran will give you as much space as a 60
    or 65 ft. Mono Hull?

  9. We are delivering one at the moment from Jersey to Gibraltar. Very nice

  10. We delivered a 55 earlier this year. She was a great boat and this new 57
    looks even better . Look forward to sailing one. TVYachts 

  11. This boat seems like a very good performer. Personally, I don’t like her
    lines. I feel she’s rather ugly. My big objection, though, is below decks.
    Her layout seems very choppy and cramped for a 57 ft boat. I also feel that
    there are too many different materials used below. There’s no cohesiveness
    to the look. It seems a jumble of various parts rather than a whole. Not
    for me. If anyone wants to see a beautiful, classic-looking boat in this
    length that also performs very well and has a gorgeous traditional
    interior, check the Cabo Rico 56 out. She’s just about my favorite under
    60-65 ft.

  12. As always, a very well-done video. What an incredible yacht, amazing
    performance, and thoughtful design. Want!

  13. After you buy a boat like even a 37 Hunter, you’ll start to see the real
    America, now lazy and fat and useless Americans are, cept to whine and
    bitch. If you need a whiny drunken bitchy crew. They’re good at that. Most
    don’t know the difference between a Halyard and a head. By the way, reports
    on those compact washer driers are they don’t work either:) Other than
    that, this is a great boat.

  14. This boat dont cost even $1 million. Much less. Anyway are there sailing
    boats with less ropes? ta

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